Marianna Ellenberg!

BLOSSOM! (11 min, 2011)
Blossom is a split-screen video work. Scenes from Wes Craven’s 1972 film Last House on the Left are re-performed in a stripped down seaside landscape.  " Blossom" re-edits a live rehearsal to reveal a close up view of female subjectivity as it emerges from the sadistic slasher genre to a bare bones video production. Direct address is combined with improvisational play, to transform the heroine from infantilized victim to impassioned player in this performative video.

ASK/TELL, 2 Channel Video, 2011
Ask/Tell re-contextualizes the slogan “Don’t AskDon’t Tell” from its weighty political signification to durational performance.  As the actress wonders aimlessly, repeating the phrases in a romantic landscape, the words ping-pong back and forth, detourned into meditative chant. In Ask/Tell, Linguistic codes are criss-crossed as the words are enveloped within a monotone call across a vacant landscape.

MOMENTA ART, "Video 2011", January 2011, Brooklyn NY

Watch Video xcerpts:

Blossom, HD Video, ©2011 

Blossom, HD Video ©2011 

©2011 Nasrah Omer
Location Stills: ©2011 Nasrah Omer

Momenta Art, Brooklyn NY
"Blossom" Installation Shot 2011: Momenta Art, Brooklyn NY

©2011 Nasrah Omer
Location Still: ©2011 Nasrah Omer

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