Ariella Von

(75 min, HD Video/s8mm)

The Deflowering of Ariella Von is a punk-feminist romp through nineties
subculture and post-millennial angst. Banished from her Upper East Side Manhattan prep-school, Ariella Von reinvents herself as a downtown riot girl, flirting with art world pranksters and disenfranchised poets. Dreamlike super8mm montages depicting Ariella’s subconscious frame this coming-of-age narrative with traces of cinematic ennui and post-punk aesthetics.

Written by Marianna Ellenberg
Directed by Marianna Ellenberg and David Zuckerman
Starring Ariel Kavoussi, Tavish Miller, Claire Gordon and Linda Mancini

Screened La Di Da Film Festival (Anthology Film Archives, NYC), No Budge Cinema,
Reviewed in Cahiers Du Cinema (September 2014)

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