Pawel and Ebola investigates spirituality, mental illness and the female voice in the age of disaster and consumerism. A loose narrative follows a dysfunctional brother and sister team, living in an abandoned clinic in upstate New York with their absentee hysterical mother. Two cult members surreptitiously arrive at the estate, in search of the virginal being. Pawel and Ebola depicts Ebola’s struggles with identity, religion and gender as she overcomes her brother’s narcissism and her mother’s abandonment, while investigating her newly found voice.

Readings in psychoanalysis, Kabbalah and New Age spirituality have influenced the project’s disjunctive structure and its position in upending myths of hysteria as a female characteristic and disease


Hannah Gross, Tavish Miller and Erin Mullin

Composer: Paula Matthesun
Choreographer: Greg Zuccolo

Premiered February 2016 in New York City

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